Kentucky Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of Kentucky. There are 349 area codes in Kentucky that are currently being used. Find out all Kentucky area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in Kentucky.

Area Code State City Timezone
606KentuckyHazel GreenEastern / Central
270KentuckyLivermoreEastern / Central
606KentuckyLivingstonEastern / Central
606KentuckyRaccoonEastern / Central
270KentuckyProvidenceEastern / Central
270KentuckyKirkseyEastern / Central
606KentuckyHaroldEastern / Central
270KentuckyBurkesvilleEastern / Central
606KentuckyMoorefieldEastern / Central
606KentuckyOwingsvilleEastern / Central
606KentuckyScience HillEastern / Central
270KentuckyWoodburnEastern / Central
270KentuckyRadcliffEastern / Central
270KentuckyCaneyvilleEastern / Central
270KentuckyBrownsvilleEastern / Central
606KentuckyPikevilleEastern / Central
859KentuckyPaint LickEastern
270KentuckyCloverportEastern / Central
270KentuckyHorse CaveEastern / Central
270KentuckyUniontownEastern / Central
270KentuckyRochesterEastern / Central
606KentuckyLouisaEastern / Central