South Carolina Area Codes

Here is the current list of area codes in the state of South Carolina. There are 217 area codes in South Carolina that are currently being used. Find out all South Carolina area codes below by searching each of the cities below. We have the most up-to-date list of area codes in South Carolina.

Area Code State City Timezone
803South CarolinaRock HillEastern
843South CarolinaBeaufortEastern
843South CarolinaCordesvilleEastern
843South CarolinaJeffersonEastern
864South CarolinaPlum BranchEastern
803South CarolinaChapinEastern
803South CarolinaBambergEastern
864South CarolinaInmanEastern
843South CarolinaCrossEastern
864South CarolinaWestminsterEastern
864South CarolinaGreerEastern
843South CarolinaMc CollEastern
843South CarolinaSaltersEastern
843South CarolinaSullivans IsEastern
843South CarolinaNorth Myrtle BeachEastern
803South CarolinaJacksonEastern
843South CarolinaBonneauEastern
864South CarolinaLandrumEastern
843South CarolinaSt GeorgeEastern
803South CarolinaGilbertEastern
843South CarolinaEdisto IslandEastern
864South CarolinaHonea PathEastern
864South CarolinaMc CormickEastern
864South CarolinaCross HillEastern
843South CarolinaKingstreeEastern